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1. 5 Lucrative Non IM Niches
2. # Niches That Are Hot on Social Networks (Not sure yet of #)
3. Combining Niches to Maximize Profit Potential
4. Narrow Niche Domination
5. High Ticket Versus Volume Niche Selection
6. Sneaky Way to Find Top Performing JV Partners
7. # Things to Send JVs to Get Them Onboard (Not sure yet of #)
8. Why More Marketers Are Offering 100% Commissions
9. Minimize Your Risk of Refunds with These # Tips (Not sure yet of #)
10. Don’t Make JV Promises You Can’t Keep
11. Using Your Download Page for Additional Profits
12. Backend Sales Strategy Tips
13. How to Make Money Off a $7 Product
14. Brainstorming a Successful Sales Funnel
15. Perfecting the Launch Process for Increased Profits
16. What to Put in a Profit-Pulling Email Series
17. How Often Should You Email Promo Material?
18. The Hands-Off Profit Potential of Software and Plugins
19. Could Coaching Bring in More Money Than Products?
20. Individual Coaching Versus Group Coaching Profits
21. How to Host a Challenge and Maximize Profits
22. Should You Be in the Internet Marketing Niche?
23. Making Money Off eBooks and Reports
24. Do Customers Prefer Video or Text Courses?
25. Building a Reputation as a Powerful Affiliate
26. Bonus Creation That Catapults You to Leaderboard Domination
27. The Best Way to Pick Products as an Affiliate
28. Never Put All Your Eggs in One Basket
29. Tips on Creating Customer Loyalty for Future Sales
30. Should You Hire a JV Manager for Your Launch?
31. What Does a JV Manager Do for You?
32. Best Practices for Profitable List Building
33. Creating a Welcome Email That Makes Money
34. Pinterest Profit Niches
35. Facebook Networking Versus Paid Advertising
36. Unboxing Affiliate Profits
37. Selling PLR Rights to Your Products
38. Are PLR Stores a Viable Way to Make Money?
39. Scheduling Profits on Autopilot
40. Nobody Expects a Perfect Expert
41. Figuring Out the Perfect Launch Date and Time
42. Push Through Shiny New Object Syndrome to Profits
43. Fighting the Stigma of Failure
44. Putting Profit Tasks First During Time Management
45. Using Kindle for Niche Branding and Profits
46. Making Wise Investments in Tools to Further Your Business
47. Should You Be Running Solo Ads for Your Business?
48. How to Know If a Membership Site Is Right for You
49. Recurring Income Options
50. Ridding Your Work Time of Distractions
51. How Self Doubt Sabotages Your Financial Success
52. The Importance of Images in Organic Traffic Generation
53. Repurpose Your Content to Save and Make Money
54. How to Know When to Cut a Business or Niche Loose
55. A Better Way to Use Webinars for Profits

PLR Rights

I only have 2 rules:

1. Don’t use my name on it.

2. Don’t pass along anything other than read only rights to it – meaning you can’t resell the PLR or turn it into resale rights products.

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