Surviving an Economic Crunch


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Note: This is part of the Saving Money Mega pack under 52 Articles and a Report, so please don’t duplicate your purchase.

5-Page Report – Surviving and Economic Crunch

At 2,195 words, this 5 and a half page report discusses the current state of the economy from an American and world view. The sections included in this report are:

1.) The Economy Will Improve
2.) Gas Prices Climb
3.) Food Crisis Looms
4.) High Food Prices Drain Budgets
5.) Discretionary Income Remains Flat
6.) Credit Card Debt Not the Answer
7.) Help from Rebate Checks?
8.) Families Making Difficult Choices
9.) Vacations Getting More Expensive
10.) Sales Tax Collection Is Down
11.) Fewer Dollars for Entertainment
12.) Addicted to Debt
13.) It’s Not the End of the World

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