Stress Is Killing You


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Report #1 – Fight Stress with Lifestyle Alterations

This report is 5 pages and 1,971 words in length. After a short introduction, it covers:

– Eliminate and Modify Your Plans
– Control Stress By Controlling Your Diet
– Let Your Endorphins Snuff Out Stress for Good
– Improve Your Sleep and Watch Stress Dissipate
– Indulge in Self Care to Tame Terrible Stress

Report #2 – Controlling Job Stress

This report is 6 pages and 2,503 words in length. After a short introduction, it covers:

– Common Things That Stress Workers Out
– Managing Your Time Better at Work
– Learn Better Communication Skills
– Reducing Stress on the Job

Report #3 – Reframing Stress with NLP and EFT

This report is 6 and a half pages and 2,652 words in length. After a short introduction, it covers:

– Take Away the Power Stress Has Over You
– What Does It Mean to Reframe Stress?
– Using NLP to Help You Manage Stress
– How EFT Can Offer You Peace and Calm

Report #4 – Stress Is a Serious Danger to Your Health

This is a 5-page, 1,789-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Stress Can Literally Break Your Heart
– Stress Devastates Your Immune System
– Your Digestive System Takes a Beating
– Stress Causes Physical Pain
– Fatigue from Stress Wears You Down
– Stress Evolves Into Full-Blown Depression
– Insomnia Will Develop Due to Deep Stress
– Stress Plays Games with Your Memory
– Hair Loss Is a Sign of Chronic Stress
– Stress Can Result in Premature Labor
– Skin Disorders Flare Up Under Stress
– Stress Ages You Much Too Early

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