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Full description:

5 and a half page report that’s 2,408 words in length called Save Your Relationship NOW! It includes the following sections:

1.) Making Up 101 (which includes the reader can take to keep their relationship intact right that second).
2.) Know Thyself (helping them get to be the person they need to be during this rough patch)
3.) Get Back That Loving Feeling (a section about understanding why the relationship is in shambles)
4.) Finding Purpose in Your Life – With or Without a Partner (just in case it doesn’t work out – a note to let them know they’ll be okay even if…)

Plus the PLR pack also includes 52 individual articles, emails, blog posts – whatever you want to make of them! This would give you enough content to test various products as an affiliate – and space them out over a weekly release and you have a whole year on autopilot!

Here are the 52 titles with word count:

7 Signs of Marriage Trouble – 548 words
A Healthy Marriage Has These Ingredients – 501 words
Avoid These Typical Causes for Divorce – 547 words
Be Your Own Marriage Counselor – 506 words
Christian Marriage: Letting God Be Your Guide to Relationship Repair – 545 words
Communication in a Marriage is Key – 499 words
Definition of Marriage Includes Union – Are You United? – 540 words
Do You Feel Like You’re in a Bad Marriage? – 517 words
Does Your Marriage Need Relationship Help? – 505 words
Failed Relationships: Are They Still Salvageable? – 509 words
Friendship Is a Great Foundation for a Good Marriage – 470 words
Have a Better Marriage Today – 494 words
Here’s a Unique Relationship Saver! – 546 words
How to Have a Good Marriage – 497 words
How to Save Your Marriage When It’s Horribly Fractured – 536 words
Is Intimacy Missing in Your Marriage? – 513 words
Jealousy Has Destroyed Many Good Marriages – 520 words
Marital Relationships Differ From Dating – 500 words
Marriage Help for Men – 551 words
Marriage Help for Women – 543 words
Marriage Issues Don’t Happen Suddenly – 510 words
Marriage Problems Result in Alarming Statistics – 497 words
Marriage Quotes That Help You Weather a Storm – 526 words
Marriage Retreat: What’s in Store for Couples in Therapy? – 500 words
Marriage Support for Husbands and Wives – 444 words
Marriage Test: Will Your Relationship Withstand Turmoil? – 482 words
Marriage Therapy to Help Save Your Relationship – 505 words
Marriage Tips for Newlyweds in Rough Waters – 536 words
Relationship Mistakes Married Men Make – 538 words
Relationship Mistakes Married Women Make – 527 words
Relationship Stages: Where Are You in Your Marriage? – 517 words
Relationship Tips for Couples in Need – 511 words
Romantic Relationships Build a Better Marriage – 565 words
Save a Marriage and Receive Health Benefits – 514 words
Save Marriage Advice That Goes Against the Grain – 504 words
Save My Marriage – 504 words
Save Your Relationship Before It’s Too Late! – 504 words
Saving Marriage Rules You Need to Abide By – 542 words
Saving Your Marriage for the Right Reasons – 528 words
Second Marriage Woes and How You Can Overcome Them – 505 words
Secrets Marriage Counselors Want to Share With You – 503 words
Secrets of a Happy Marriage – 498 words
Stop Your Divorce and Become Happily Married All Over Again – 501 words
Unhappy Marriage? Try These 5 Tips Now! – 515 words
What Is the Healthy Marriage Initiative? – 433 words
What Marriage Bible Do You Go By in Your Relationship? – 508 words
What’s at the Root of Your Relationship Problems? – 488 words
What’s the Most Common Marriage Problem? – 499 words
When to Know If You Need Marriage Counseling – 496 words
When Your Marriage Has You in a Deep Depression – 482 words
Where to Go When You Need Marriage Advice – 543 words
Why Marriage Takes Work – 518 words

PLR Rights

I only have 2 rules:

1. Don’t use my name on it.

2. Don’t pass along anything other than read only rights to it – meaning you can’t resell the PLR or turn it into resale rights products.

Tiff 🙂

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