MLM Social Networking Report


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Full description:

Chapter 1: The two-fold problem of MLM (which covers reaching serious prospects and educating/motivating them)

Chapter 2: Use Social Media Networks to Attract Your Own Downline (which covers SEO of social media and how to organize the information on your pages)

Chapter 3: Educate Your Downline in a Peer-Based Social Setting (which covers what information to provide on these pages to address both problems- recruitment and educating/motivating)

Chapter 4: Don’t Forget to Sell Products on Your Web 2.0 Pages (this is an important reminder that there are two target audiences – the biz opp audience and the retail audience – this helps them understand how to market to both in the world of web 2.0)

Chapter 5: Become a Trusted Leader in Your Niche (which covers helping them become authority figures through the creation of an empire of web 2.0 pages combined with info product publishing of reports, tutorials, etc).

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