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Title: Get Your Ex Back or Get Over It!

Subtitle: You and Your Ex Are Done – Or Are You? Discover How to Reunite With Your Ex Or Get Over the Heartbreak If the Worst Case Scenario Comes True!

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Trouble Was Brewing – What Were the Ingredients?
Chapter 2: The Details of the Split Will Affect Your Chances of Getting Back Together
Chapter 3: You’re Hurt, So First You Have to Heal
Chapter 4: How Does Your Ex Stack Up Against Others?
Chapter 5: Giving Your Ex the Green Light to Get Back Onboard
Chapter 6: Smoothing the Way for a Stress-Free Reunion
Chapter 7: Having “The Talk” – Are You or Aren’t You?
Chapter 8: Special Obstacles for Star-Crossed Lovers
Chapter 9: Your Ex Says No – Now What?

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