Extra Holiday Cash PLR Bundle


This is a niche bundle that includes an eBook, short report, articles and emails.


Full description:

Extra Holiday Cash eBook

This eBook has a title page and hyperlinked Table of Contents for your convenience. It is a total of 30 and a half pages and 9,905 words. Here is the table of contents so you can get an idea of what’s discussed:

Chapter 1: Are You Living Paycheck to Paycheck?
Chapter 2: Solve Successful Marketers’ Most Pressing Needs
Chapter 3: Start Your Affiliate Marketing Early
Chapter 4: Launch a PLR Store
Chapter 5: Consider Becoming an Amazon and eBay Seller
Chapter 6: Nailing Down a High Paying Holiday Niche

Extra Holiday Cash Report

Want to build a list or release a viral report? This is what you can use for that! It gets your audience geared up for the stress relief and excitement of earning more for the holidays.

The report is titled, “Need Extra Holiday Cash?” and it’s 5 pages and 2,041 words in length. You can use this to pre-sell the eBook or generate interest in other courses you want to promote!

Here are the sections for this report:

– Make a Budget for What You Really Need
– Say No to Holiday Cash Loans
– Don’t Rely on Cash Back Incentives
– You Don’t Have to Make Your Gifts
– Earn Some Fast Holiday Cash Fast
– Be Honest With Your Loved Ones

Extra Holiday Cash Articles

Each of these articles includes a call to action for the reader to check out the Extra Holiday Cash course.

1. Have You Set Yourself Up for Increased Holiday Stress? – 485 words
2. Will a Bad Economy Hurt the Seasonal Job Outlook? – 396 words
3. Top 4 Holiday Job Ideas – 402 words
4. Earn more, Shop Smart – 356 words
5. Earn and Extra $1,000 for the Holidays – 382 words
6. Holiday Work at Home Tips – 420 words
7. A Good Alternative to Seasonal Retail Jobs – 414 words
8. Who Is Hiring Seasonal Help? – 326 words

Extra Holiday Cash Email Autoresponders

I decided to do a 7-day series called “7 Day Holiday Fast Cash Course” for this set. It starts with an introduction and motivating spiel, then covers 5 specific ways they can cash in quick online, and ends with inspiration for them to get out there and make it happen!

1. Embrace Your Inner Entrepreneur
2. Creating Profitable Gigs on Fiverr
3. Helping Holiday Shoppers on eBay and Amazon
4. Winning Service Projects on Elance
5. Making Money Off Your Crafty Talents
6. Serving Other Entrepreneurs on Warrior Forum
7. Consider Making This a Permanent Position

PLR Rights

I only have 2 rules:

1. Don’t use my name on it.

2. Don’t pass along anything other than read only rights to it – meaning you can’t resell the PLR or turn it into resale rights products.

Tiff 🙂

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