Diet Niche Starter Pack Outlines


11-pack bundle. See full description below.

Full description:

– Outline for a Complete eBook You Can Create to Sell Online!
– Outline for a Bonus Report That You Can Give Away When Someone Buys Your Main eBook!
– Outline for an Opt-In Report You Can Use to Build Your List!
– Ideas for a 7-Part Email Autoresponder Series So You Can Keep Catering to the Needs of Your List!
– Ideas for 5 Articles You Can Use Anywhere on the Web – Including Your Blog!
– Ideas for 5 Product Reviews You Can Use Anywhere to Convert Prospects Into Buyers!

Here are the topics covered in this 11-pack bundle:

1. Reasons to Lose Weight Now – 6+ pages, 2,501 words
2. Breaking the Cycle of Yo Yo Dieting – 6 pages, 2,305 words
3. Choosing the Diet That’s Best for You – 6 pages, 2,119 words
4. Which Fitness Program Is Right for You? – 6+ pages, 2,937
5. Cardio and Strength Training for a Fit Body – 6+ pages, 2,732 words
6. Managing Carbs for Increased Weight Loss – 6 pages, 2,472 words
7. Dieting for Diabetics – 6 pages, 2,477
8. Diet and Fitness Goal Setting Mastery – 6+ pages, 2,918 words
9. Breaking the Chains of Emotional Eating – 6 pages, 2,479 words
10. Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss and Overall Health – 6+ pages, 2,896 words
11. Bad Habits That Prevent a Fit Body – 6 pages, 2,608 words

PLR Rights

I only have 2 rules:

1. Don’t use my name on it.

2. Don’t pass along anything other than read only rights to it – meaning you can’t resell the PLR or turn it into resale rights products.

Tiff 🙂

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