Breaking the Chains of Emotional Eating Funnel


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Main eBook Title: Breaking the Chains of Emotional Eating

Chapter 1: How Emotional Eating Begins
Chapter 2: What Emotional Eating Does to You
Chapter 3: It’s Never About the Food
Chapter 4: Common Causes of Emotional Eating
Chapter 5: Why You Keep Turning to Food Even When You Know it Doesn’t Help
Chapter 6: Recognizing the Signs of Emotional Eating
Chapter 7: Things You Can Do to Help Yourself
Chapter 8: When You Can’t Stop on Your Own
Chapter 9: Dealing with Setbacks
Chapter 10: Building a New Relationship with Food

Bonus Report: The 5 Keys to Ending Emotional Eating

Chapter 1: Self-Talk to Help the Inner You
Chapter 2: Meditations Make You Aware
Chapter 3: Action Steps to Take
Chapter 4: Confronting Your Issues
Chapter 5: Asking for Support

Lead Magnet: What’s Eating You: Dealing with Emotional Hunger

Chapter 1: Emotional Hunger Always Has a Trigger
Chapter 2: Emotional Hunger Has the Same Powerful Cravings as a Person Who’s Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol
Chapter 3: Emotional Hunger Isn’t Your Fault
Chapter 4: Emotional Hunger Is Never Treated Successfully with Eating
Chapter 5: Emotional Hunger Needs Resources in Order to Be Cured

7-Part Email Autoresponder Series:

Email #1: Are You Stuffing Yourself with Your Emotions?
Email #2: Is Stress Making You an Emotional Eater?
Email #3: Handling Social Events When You’re an Emotional Eater
Email #4: Are You Feeding the Child or Adult You?
Email #5: How to Know Your Emotional Eating Triggers
Email #6: Is Emotional Eating Caused by Poor Self-Care?
Email #7: Is Your Job Causing Your Emotional Eating?


#1 – How to Feed Your Feelings and Not Fill Your Stomach
#2 – Stop the Emotional Eating Urge
#3 – Are You Emotionally Eating to Avoid a Life Change
#4 – Sit With Your Emotions
#5 – Is Entitled Thinking Driving Your Emotional Eating?

Product Reviews:

These reviews are of products designed to help with emotional eating and to help the reader find new hobbies and methods of alleviating stress.

#1 – The Intuitive Eating Workbook
#2 – Fender FA-115 Acoustic Guitar Bundle
#3 – Vremi 9 Piece Garden Tools Set
#4 – Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR Camera Bundle
#5 – STMT DIY Journaling Set

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