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Full description:

This report is one I wrote for my list, which you can edit for your own – and it’s good for ghostwriters, PLR writers, or even marketers who have a ghostwriter they outsource to – because you can profit from that content, too!

If you’re in the marketing niche, you can grab this, promote it to your own list and use your own affiliate links inside.

Here’s the deal with the report:

I’ve been making GOOD money from my content auctions – but there are some people using the same plugin who aren’t seeing the same results. I want to teach you my strategy so that you can maximize your profits!

This report teaches you how to make money using a free OR paid plugin. You could literally install it and start seeing results today and this tactic could help many of you generate some much-needed cash!

After a short introduction, this 12-page, 4,203-word report includes the following sections where I’ve taught my personal strategy:

– Install This Highly Profitable Plugin
– Mapping Out a List of Topics
– Creating Quick Selling Content
– Craft Your 24-Hour Content Auction Listing
– Promoting Your Offer for Maximum Profits
– Handle Your Post Auction Tasks
– Ethical Notes About Auctioning Off Content

If you use this report as PLR, you can alter the text to your own story or (if you want to keep mine), just put something like, “Tiffany Lambert creates her content like this…” and introduce the section like that.

Inside the file, you’ll find the PDF and the Word doc and TXT doc that you can edit and use as your own.

PLR Rights

I only have 2 rules:

1. Don’t use my name on it.

2. Don’t pass along anything other than read only rights to it – meaning you can’t resell the PLR or turn it into resale rights products.

Tiff 🙂

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