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Full content funnel with graphics.

Full description:

Main eBook: Reverse the Aging Process

This is a 34-page, 11,805-word eBook that covers the following:

– Give Your Skin a Youthful Appearance
– Ensure You Have Lustrous Hair for Life
– Maintaining Your Mobility as You Age
– Keeping Your Mood Levels Elevated
– Keep Control of Your Weight as You Age
– Make Sure You Retain Your Short and Long-Term Memories
– Staving Off Disease So You Live a Longer, Healthier Life

*Product delivered in Word, Txt and PDF formats

Bonus Report: Nutritional Supplements to Help Keep You Young

This is a report that you might want to use as a bonus for those who buy the main eBook. Of course, you can use it any way you want – this is just a suggestion.

This report is 6 pages and 2,356 words in length. It starts off with a short introduction and then covers the following topics:

– CoQ10 Can Help Your Cardiovascular Health
– Resveratrol Has Anti-Aging Benefits
– L-Carnitine Keeps Your Brain Sharp
– Fish Oil Slows the Body’s Aging Process
– Vitamin D3 Keeps Your Bones Young

*Product delivered in Word and Txt formats

Opt In or Viral Report : Anti Aging for Your 20s and Beyond

Again, use this report as you see fit – maybe you want to use it as a second bonus report – or rip it apart and use it as blog posts or email autoresponders. That’s up to you!

This report is 6 pages and 2,415 words. It covers:

– Anti-Aging Preventatives in Your 20s
– Tips to Stay Young in Your 30s
– Living Young and Healthy in Your 40s
– Living Young Inwardly and Outwardly in Your 50s
– Fighting Aging in Your 60s and Beyond

It’s a perfect accompaniment for the main eBook, which teaches age reversal options for all ages and both genders!

*Product delivered in Word and Txt formats

Sales Copy: Sales Letter to Convert Visitors Into Buying “Reverse the Aging Process”

The sales letter is 4 pages long and includes headlines, sub-headlines, storyline, bulletpoints, and a call to action. It does *not* include phony testimonials because I don’t believe in that. There are no graphics for the sales copy (except the ones listed below).

*Product delivered in Word and Txt formats

Graphics Pack: eCovers and Banner

While I created the content, I hired someone to create the graphics using royalty-free images that reflected this niche perfectly! You get

– Two eCovers for the main eBook with PSD, JPG, and PNG files
– An eCover for the bonus report with PSD, JPG, and PNG files
– An eCover for the opt in / viral report with PSD, JPG, and PNG files
– A 468×60 banner ad promoting the main eBook with JPG and PSD files
I ensured all of the graphics were good quality and that you do get the PSD files so you can edit them to your heart’s desire.

Email Autoresponders: 7-Part Series

When you start building your list, you need something to say that drives them back to the main sales letter. I created a 7-part series titled, “7 Things We Avoid Discussing as We Age.”

This series is the perfect accompaniment to the main eBook Reverse the Aging Process – because it taps into topics that many people start to feel ashamed or nervous about over time. You can insert a call to action to drive them to the main eBook offer – or some other anti aging product you want to promote as an affiliate instead.

Here are the titles for this series:

1. Don’t Be Embarrassed to Discuss Your Sexual Health – 442 words
2. Don’t Ignore Signs of Dementia – 449 words
3. Keep an Eye on Your Propensity for Depression – 512 words
4. Abuse of Someone You Know – Or Yourself – 488 words
5. Vision and Hearing Loss Is Nothing to be Ashamed Of – 435 words
6. What to Do When Bladder and Bowel Functions Act Up – 496 words
7. Have You Made Your End of Life Plans? – 602 words
*Product delivered in Word and Txt formats

Articles or Blog Posts: Set of 5

You don’t just want everything behind the scenes in downloadable form or email form – you want some public postings on your blog or in article directories, too. I’ve taken a variety of slants with these articles to ensure your reader gets a total anti aging education with an emphasis on reversing the aging process. Here are the titles for this set:

1. What’s New in Anti Aging Research – 461 words
2. Are You Having Balance Problems as You Age? – 442 words
3. Common Dental Care Struggles Associated with Aging – 479 words
4. Must-Have Medical Screenings as You Grow Older – 464 words
5. Recognizing the Difference Between Alzheimer’s and Dementia – 422 words

*Product delivered in Word and Txt formats

Product Reviews: Anti Aging Product Reviews

With the anti aging niche, there are many things you can promote. I’ve chosen five products your readers will love – so that you have the potential to add on to your own sales!

Here are the items that are reviewed in this set:

1. OZ Natural Serum – 448 words
2. Bel Essence All-Natural Anti-Wrinkle Treatment – 471 words
3. Fresh Body Cream – 464 words
4. Olay Pro Kit – 478 words
5. ROC Multi Correxion Lift Anti-Gravity – 477 words

*Product delivered in Word and Txt formats

Social Networking Posts: Facebook or Google +

I know the power of both Facebook (for traffic) and G+ (for SERP rankings). You can’t afford to miss out on either of these as a good source of exposure for your offer. I created a set of 5 posts that you can put on FB or G+ – and each one contains a commentary or question (in a text file to get comments rolling) and an image (usually a quote or other text) that helps your post get shared!

*Product delivered in Txt format for written portion and JPG only for image – no PSD included, but you can easily add your URL to them.

PLR Rights

I only have 2 rules:

1. Don’t use my name on it.

2. Don’t pass along anything other than read only rights to it – meaning you can’t resell the PLR or turn it into resale rights products.

Tiff 🙂

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