50 Diet Tips for 2012


Please see full description below.


Full description:

It’s called 50 Tips for 2012 and each tip is its own chapter (you
could even add two more and have one tip per week of 2012 if you
want to). It has a title page, hyperlinked table of contents, and
then the chapters.

I want to add something, too – this is definitely a diet plan that
you can feel GOOD promoting. It’s not stuff that contains harmful
advice – it’s solid and easy to digest information. It’s the
practical stuff we should all be doing.

It’s 17,620 words and technically it’s 69 pages, but some of those
are just overflow from the previous page, so I’m just charging for
the 50 main tip pages.

PLR Rights

I only have 2 rules:

1. Don’t use my name on it.

2. Don’t pass along anything other than read only rights to it – meaning you can’t resell the PLR or turn it into resale rights products.

Tiff 🙂

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