30 Steps to Printable Success


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This is a report that discusses the 30 tasks you need to do to build a thriving printables business. From the initial product inspiration and branding to the creation and promotion aspects you need to master, this guide will walk your readers through the most important concepts they will need to learn. Each step introduces them to a task they need to fulfill, discussing the basics of it – so if you have a more thorough course to reference, such as an A-Z social media course, that might make a great affiliate link to weave in there.

This 11+ page 4,651-word report covers the following:

Step 1: Brainstorm Your Printable Products
Step 2: Create a Customer Avatar
Step 3: Get Creative with Your Business Name
Step 4: Purchase Branding Elements for Your Business
Step 5: Legally Structure Your Printables Business
Step 6: Use Your Competitors as References
Step 7: Equip Yourself with the Right Tools
Step 8: Design a Set of Basic Templates for Your Brand
Step 9: Find Quality Images that are Free of Copyright
Step 10: Provide a Space to Store Your Printables
Step 11: Get Your Etsy Shop Ready
Step 12: Create Answers for FAQ from Your Customers
Step 13: Create Your Own Pricing Scale
Step 14: Make Your First Etsy Listing
Step 15: Add Bundle Options to Your Etsy Shop
Step 16: Reward Loyal Customers
Step 17: Strategize Exposure with Keywords and SEO
Step 18: Utilize Paid Advertisements for Your Printables
Step 19: Use Pinterest to Gain Exposure for Your Brand
Step 20: Use TikTok’s Influence to Introduce Your Brand
Step 21: Spy on Top Sellers with Instagram
Step 22: Make Discounts to Encourage Potential Customers
Step 23: Go the Extra Mile to Inform Your Customers
Step 24: Start Brainstorming and Creating New Printables
Step 25: Expand Your Printable Empire
Step 26: Create Variations of Your Printables
Step 27: Utilize Positive Ratings and Reviews
Step 28: Consider Adding a Shipping Option
Step 29: Build a Team for Your Printable Business
Step 30: Reflect on Your Progress and Analyze the Numbers

** This report comes in both Word and TXT formats

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