2017 Health and Wellness Planning


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Report #1: Achieving Your Goal of Mental Health

This 7.5-page, 3,197-word report starts with an introduction and then covers:

– More Patients and Doctors Are Focusing on Mindset
– Diagnosing Your Previous Mental State
– Proven Stress and Anxiety Solutions You Can Try
– Advances You Can Look for in the Coming Year

Report #2: Reaching and Maintaining Your Optimal Weight

This 8-page, 3,495-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

– Weight Loss Is More Than Just Aesthetics
– Optimal Weight Is Not One Size Fits All
– Pinpoint the Problems with Your Weight
– Choose a Diet Plan That Won’t Make You Quit
– Tips on Sticking to a Diet and Maintaining Your Weight

Report #3: Physical Fitness for Energy and Stamina

This 8-page, 3,532-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

– Exercise Is for More Than Just Weight Loss
– Fitness at Any Size and Age
– Cautionary Warning About Fitness Goals
– Use Technology to Help You Improve Your Fitness
– Switch Up Your Routine to Prevent Boredom and Stagnant Results

Report #4: Disease Management and Prevention Plans

This 7.5-page, 3,075-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

– Make This a Year for Major Health Achievements
– Top Health Issues You Should Be Vigilant About
– Preparing for Your Doctor’s Visit
– Get Informed About Your Options for Treatment
– Healthy Changes That Will Prevent Many Common Health Problems

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How Not to Die – 452 words
The Anti Inflammatory Diet and Action Plans – 429 words
10% Happier – 439 words
The Vitamin E Factor – 437 words
Younger Next Year – 489 words

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